Our Semester

  • Together with our friends from the Asia Law Society (ALS), we hosted a panel discussion on the intersection of law, society, and technology in China.  The panel, titled “Behind the ‘Great Firewall’:  Internet Restrictions & Chinese Law and Society,” attracted over 50 guests from the NYU Law community and beyond.  Furman Fellow Maggie Lewis moderated the discussion, and Visiting Professors Donald Clarke and Jonathan Zittrain were among the expert panelists.
  • Together with our friends from the Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA) and the Islamic Law Students Association (ILSA), we hosted a panel on Islamic finance, featuring several leading practitioners.
  • We hosted our second annual trip to the United Nations headquarters.  Over 35 J.D. and LL.M. students received a guided tour of the building and spoke with junior attorneys in the Office of Legal Affairs.
  • Our annual panel discussion on international private practice, featuring a range of partners and associates from leading firms, was a great success and remains one of ILS’ most eagerly anticipated events.
  • We hosted a firm-led presentation titled “Corporate Liability for Violations of International Law:  Litigation Under the Alien Tort Statute.”
  • Together with our friends from the Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF), we hosted a screening of “Amazing Grace,” Michael Apted’s 2006 film about the remarkable life and work of British abolitionist William Wilberforce.
  • The second annual ILS/ALS International Food Festival was bigger and better than ever!  Over 150 students enjoyed music from around the world and sampled everything from homemade Nigerian stews to fresh-baked Australian desserts.  The event celebrated the diversity of the NYU Law community, featuring contributions from a variety of fellow student groups (including MELSA, the South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA), and the Latino Law Students Association (LaLSA)).  The evening also served an excellent cause, with over $1,200 in ticket revenues donated to the Fourth World Movement, an international NGO dedicated to promoting human rights and eradicating extreme poverty.

Our Friends and New Members

  • We continued to work closely with the countless faculty and administrators who have supported us over the years.  We particularly wish to express our gratitude to Professors Joseph Weiler, Kevin Davis, Benedict Kingsbury, and Philip Alston, Pascale Walker, Sara Rakita, and Kristi Schwindt Ramos.  We wished a fond farewell to Jennie Dorn, a long-time friend of ILS and the entire law student community.
  • After receiving many impressive applications, we selected 11 outstanding, motivated students to serve on the 2008–09 ILS Board.  Once again, we plan to invite 2 LL.M. students to serve as LL.M. Liaisons, bringing unique perspectives to the Board and reflecting ILS’ role as a common forum for J.D. and LL.M. students.

We had a wonderful year, and we look forward to 2008–09.  Come join us!