Warm Welcomes

  • With Graduate Affairs' kind assistance, we sent a midsummer welcome message to incoming LL.M. students on behalf of the entire NYU international law community.
  • We continued to host some of the most distinctive and best-attended orientation events at NYU Law, including a joint reception with the Asia Law Society. Our appearance at the Student Groups Fair was notable not just for the outpouring of student interest, but also for our selection of distinctive candy from around the world!
  • Along with Law Students for Human Rights, we welcomed all LL.M. students to NYU with a reception on the scenic D'Agostino Hall 14th-floor terrace.
  • Thanks to the generous assistance of the Hauser Global Law School Program, we hosted an outdoor reception for all International Legal Studies LL.M. students.
  • Our first public meeting of the semester was standing-room-only in Vanderbilt Hall 210—one of the largest turnouts in recent memory!

Our Semester

  • We held a panel discussion—attended by over 60 students—for 1Ls hoping to secure summer internships outside the United States.
  • During law firm recruiting season for 2Ls, we worked with the South Asian Law Students Association to organize a panel discussion with top Manhattan recruiters.
  • We organized an informal mixer at which recent LL.M. alumni shared their insights on hiring, professional life, and career development at major Manhattan law firms with current LL.M. students.
  • In recognition of ILS' role as a forum for interaction between J.D. and LL.M. students, LL.M. students selected Aline Lemoine and Sabrina Pearson as ILS' first-ever LL.M. Liaisons. Their enthusiastic input has helped us serve a broad range of students.
  • We sponsored several regular language tables, including our very first Russian Table!

Our Friends

  • With the assistance of our Faculty Relations Coordinator—a new position on the 2007-08 board—we strengthened our relationship with the countless faculty and administrators who have supported us over the years. We particularly wish to express our gratitude to Professors Joseph Weiler, Kevin Davis, Benedict Kingsbury, and Philip Alston, Pascale Walker, Jennie Dorn, Sara Rakita, and Kristi Schwindt Ramos.
  • With the assistance of our Development Coordinators—also a new position on the 2007-08 board—we strengthened our relationships with many of our fellow student organizations.
  • Our mailing list ( join-international-law@lists.nyu.edu ) counts over 1400 subscribers, and remains a prime source for international news and announcements at NYU and in the community beyond.

We have more exciting plans in store for spring 2008—come join us!