It’s been an exciting few months! Take a short break from your studying to learn what we did this semester – and what you can do next semester!


  • Sponsored over half-a-dozen weekly language tables – several led by 1L students.
  • Launched the new and highly successful English Language Table for those who want to practice their English (and others who want to meet cool international students).
  • Operated four friendly committees with the critical support of 1L and LLM students.
  • Put on career planning events for 1L and 2L students.
  • Held three ILS parties, with turnout ranging from 30 to 160.
  • Earned a reputation for providing good food and drinks.


  • Obtained funding for our spring symposium on The United Nations and Three Challenges of the 21st Century: Peace and Security, the Promotion of Human Rights, and the Reduction of Poverty.
  • Started planning our UN trip this spring.
  • Started planning a big mystery event that you will hear more about next semester.


  • Secured Professor Kevin Davis as our faculty advisor.
  • Worked with Kristi Schwindt, the first Associate Director of Graduate Affairs, to promote JD-LLM relations.
  • Cosponsored events with the Asia Law Society, Law Students for Human Rights, and the Office of Career Services.
  • Joined the International Law Students Association. Already, our membership gave Moot Court a substantial discount on competition registration. We will be sending delegates to ILSA’s conference in the spring.


  • Obtained bulletin board space in VH 110 (no easy task) and posted an interactive world map that now features nearly 400 pins.
  • Grew our mailing list ( ) to over 1300 subscribers.
  • Reached out to LLM and JD students – half the attendees at many of our events were LLM students.
  • Made friends with some really remarkable people – thanks for all your help and for your continuing involvement in ILS!