Student Affairs

Leaves of Absence, Visiting Away, and Withdrawals


Leaves of Absence


To apply for a leave of absence or withdrawal from the Law School, complete and sign a Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Request Form and email it to Mikaela Sanders at   Please attach a short memo explaining your request.


Note that JD students need to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Students or another Student Affairs staff member before a leave or withdrawal can be granted.


Click here to view the Bursar Refund Schedule for details about tuition and fee refunds.


Leaves of absence are granted* only for adequate reason and to students who are in good academic standing. A maintenance of matriculation and services fee are charged for each semester a student is on leave of absence. A leave of absence does not extend the five-year period allotted for obtaining the JD or LLM degree or the four-year period allotted for the Tax Certificate program. For LLMs, please note that if you need the LLM degree to qualify for the New York State Bar Examination, you will need to complete the program within two years of matriculation.

To obtain a leave of absence, students must complete at least one term in the Law School. Leave may be obtained for one or two semesters, with the permission of the Dean of Students (Office of Student Affairs, Furman Hall 474). A second year of leave requires the permission of the Executive Committee. Students on leave of absence are charged a maintenance of matriculation and services fee.** Students who take a leave while in good standing may rejoin the Law School subject to the regulations in force when they reenter, provided that they have previously applied for and received a leave of absence from the Dean of Students or the Executive Committee.

Students who take a leave when not in good standing, fail to return to the Law School upon expiration of their leave of absence, or fail to maintain matriculation by interrupting their course of study without first obtaining a leave of absence may be readmitted to the Law School only by special action of the Executive Committee.

*Note: If your request is approved, you are committed to taking the leave; accordingly, you forfeit your right to housing during that academic term and are responsible for contacting the Office of Financial Services and Law School Housing.

**Fees incurred vary; Enrollment Status Fee, University Registrar Registration Fee, and NYU Facilities Access Fee.

Visiting Student Status

NYU School of Law JD students who wish to be visiting students at another ABA-approved law school must be third year students and request permission from the Office of Student Affairs, Furman Hall 474. Such permission is granted only in rare cases when there are compelling personal circumstances. NYU students spending their third year elsewhere must comply with all NYU School of Law graduation requirements. It is highly recommended that students complete all required coursework (Professional Responsibility, Constitutional Law, Substantial Writing Requirement) before visiting away.

If permission to visit away is granted, NYU School of Law will transfer up to 15 credits per semester towards the JD degree for coursework in which a grade of "C" or higher is earned. The specific number of credits accepted and course equivalencies will be determined by the Office of Academic Services. Students must submit a list of proposed courses to the Office of Academic Services prior to finalizing registration. In some cases a course description and/or syllabus will also be required to determine course content. For more information, email Academic Services at


A withdrawal does not extend the five-year period allotted for obtaining the JD or LLM degree or the four-year period allotted for the Tax Certificate.

JD students who withdraw from the Law School (as opposed to taking a leave of absence) are not eligible for readmission. LLM students who withdraw from the Law School can reapply through the Graduate Admissions office if they wish to return at a later date.

Students complete the same form as a leave of absence to process a withdrawal request. For medical withdrawals, the student must submit a letter from their medical provider in lieu of basis of request.

Last Updated: 8/31/15