Circulation, Reserve, and Periodicals Routing Information

Circulation of Library Materials

The Circulation Desk is located in the Main Reading Room, (212) 998-6312

Coleman Ridge, Collection Services Administrator,  (212) 998-6584

Book Check Out

Faculty can check out most library materials. The "due date" for stack books is the end of each semester. At that time you will receive a list of materials charged out to you, asking you to indicate which items you would like to retain and which you would like to return. You can arrange for the pick up of the latter by contacting Coleman Ridge. You may also view your circulation record on Julius (click on "My Julius Account").

Research Assistants and Support Staff

Your research assistant or faculty assistant may check out books on your behalf, for which you are responsible. To do so though, research assistants must have a current authorization form on file with the Library's circulation department. The circulation privileges which are extended to law faculty apply when your research assistant or faculty assistant borrows materials for your use, to be kept in your office. More restrictive rules apply when a student borrows library materials for his or her own research or coursework. If requested, the library will offer your research assistants training on how to make the best use of the Library materials and services. Request such training through your library liaison.


The Library reserves the right to recall books from faculty when requested by another patron. After the patron's loan period is over, the item will be returned to the faculty member, if requested. All patron records are confidential, and your name as a borrower will not be divulged to the requesting patron.

Due to the heavy demand placed on certain types of library materials, we ask that you return them as follows:

Reserve materials - 1 day
Loose-leaf services - 1 week
Bound periodicals - 1 week
Multi-volume treatises - 1 week


In addition to books that are permanently on Reserve, many faculty put books or photocopies on Course Reserve. If you have any materials that you would like placed on Course Reserve for students use, please send them to the attention of Coleman Ridge, (212) 998-6584. Indicate the name of the class for which they will be used, the pertinent semester, and any borrowing restrictions you desire. The normal circulation period for course materials is 2 hours.

Please allow sufficient time for the library to purchase material not currently owned (minimum one month). In addition, please refrain from informing students that something is on Course Reserve until it is actually there.

Periodicals Routing

Print journals and other serial publications to which the Library subscribes may be routed to faculty. Please contact your library liaison to initiate this service. Please note that the Library does not route loose-leaf releases. If you subscribe to a print journal or loose-leaf service, under your Faculty Research Plan, new issues or releases will be sent directly to your office. Faculty assistants who need training in how to file new loose-leaf releases may call Aparna Frank at (212) 998-6313.

Exam Archives

The Law Library website hosts a database of old exams provided by Law Faculty for students to access. If you would like an exam placed online, please send it in PDF format to Leslie Rich. Please note that online exams are only accessible to currently-enrolled NYU Law students.