Book & Subscription Orders & Subscription Renewals

Full-time and visiting faculty may buy books and periodicals for their own use out of their research funds. These materials are not immediately added to the Law Library's collection. They are ordered and processed through the Library, and then sent to the faculty member's office. Questions on ordering should be addressed to Denise To at (212) 998-6346. Questions related to the status of your funds should be addressed to Tammy Dang, Senior Financial Analyst at (212) 992-8983.

Ordering Procedure

1. Submit your request via email to, or

2. Submit your order in writing by completing a Faculty Purchase Plan Order Form and sending the completed form to Denise To, Technical Services Dept., Law Library.

General Information

• Faculty orders receive priority treatment. It may take anywhere from 2-3 days via priority mail, or up to one month, depending on availability, to receive material.

• All individual books are shipped and invoiced to the Library.

• All periodicals (subscriptions) are shipped directly to the faculty member's office and invoiced to the Library.

• Please send ALL bills, requests for payment, reminders for renewal of subscriptions without any delay to the Library to avoid any interruption in your services. These documents are sometimes erroneously mailed to you by the vendors. Contact Denise To at (212) 998-6346 to claim materials not received.

• Upon your departure from the Law School, the Library adds the books you have purchased with these funds to the collection.

• Please help process your orders efficiently by:

  • Using our forms when ordering, claiming, & renewing
  • Filling in all pertinent information, including your name, author, title, publisher, and year of publication.

• The Library encourages faculty input in developing the Library's collection. Send suggestions for Library acquisitions to Ron Brown at (212) 998-6303, indicating whether you would like these materials routed to you upon receipt.