Fall 2016 Entering JD Class Profile*

  • 431 full-time day students (no part-time or evening)
  • LSAT Score:
    • 75th percentile: 171
    • 50th percentile: 169
    • 25th percentile: 166

  • Undergraduate GPA:

    • 75th percentile: 3.9
    • 50th percentile: 3.8
    • 25th percentile: 3.7
  • 138 colleges represented
  • 41 states represented
  • 55 percent women
  • 32 percent students of color
    • 12 percent Asian
    • 6 percent Black/African American
    • 11 percent Hispanic/Latino

    • 4 percent South Asian

  • 28 percent enrolled directly after college
  • 60 percent out of college one to four years
  • 12 percent out of college five or more years
  • 7 percent hold advanced or professional degrees

JD Student Body

  • 1,369 full-time day students (no part-time or evening)
  • 30 percent students of color
  • 51 percent women
  • 8 percent citizens of foreign countries

Beyond the Numbers

The admissions process is highly selective. New York University School of Law has one of the largest and most competitive applicant pools in the country; about one in seven of those who apply are admitted. An applicant's undergraduate record and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score, while important, are not the sole determinants for admission. No index or cut-off is used in reviewing applications. The information on LSAT and undergraduate GPA is offered above to give prospective students one estimate of the strength of the Law School’s applicant pool.

The Committee on Admissions makes decisions after considering all the information in an application. It reviews the undergraduate transcript thoroughly and carefully, with attention to such factors as trends in the applicant's grades, class rank, the ratio of pass/fail to graded courses, the diversity and depth of course work, and the length of time since graduation. The competitiveness of school and major are taken into account, as are special honors and awards. The percentage of enrolled JD students who come directly from undergraduate school is largely a reflection of our applicant pool; the majority of candidates who apply to NYU School of Law are at least one or two years removed from college.

In making its decisions, the Committee aims to enroll an entering class of students with diverse experience, backgrounds and points of view. Applicants are encouraged to provide information to help the Committee reach thoughtful, informed decisions on their applications.

*Fall 2016 entering class figures are accurate as of August 2016.