Applications for all degree and certificate programs are not reviewed until all required materials and the application fee have been received. Applicants currently enrolled in non-US law schools that use a final examination result (such as a final state examination) or a final degree classification as a measure of academic performance may not receive a decision until those results are received by the Committee on Graduate Admissions.

Given the large volume of e-mails received, we, unfortunately, are unable to respond to requests to confirm the receipt of application materials. However, within a few days of submitting an online application, applicants will receive an e-mail providing them access to the Applicant Online Status Check where they may follow the progress of their application. Additionally, applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail once all their materials have been processed and submitted to the Committee on Graduate Admissions for review.

The review process takes time. The Committee provides thorough consideration to all applicants, and follows an on-going process of reviewing and re-reviewing the vast majority of the applicant pool. Most candidates’ applications require significant comparison with the applicant pool as a whole before a final decision can be reached. For many candidates, the Committee is not able to reach a decision until they have a clear picture of that year’s entire applicant pool.

In an effort to communicate in a timely fashion with applicants, all decisions regarding application to the Graduate Division will be released electronically. Applicants may expect an e-mail from when their decisions have been released. An official offer of admission to any degree or certificate program of the Graduate Division of NYU School of Law is a mailed letter sent to the address stated on the application. Decisions other than admission will only be released electronically and will not be mailed.

Full-time LLM Program
Full-time programs begin in August. Decisions regarding the full-time LLM program will be communicated in March to applicants with foreign education credentials who supply to LSAC all materials necessary to complete their files by the December 15 deadline. Those foreign applicants who do not supply materials to LSAC to complete their application by December 15 will receive decisions as they are made following completion of their file. All decisions for foreign applicants to the LLM program will be communicated by June.

Applicants with domestic education credentials who complete their application by the appropriate deadline will receive decisions regarding the full-time LLM program as they are made. Note that, while applications are sent to the Committee on Graduate Admissions in the order in which they are completed, decisions are not necessarily made in the order in which applications are first reviewed. All domestic applicants to full-time programs will receive a decision no later than late June.

JSD Program
JSD applicants who supply all materials required to complete their files by the February 1 deadline may expect a decision by late April. Interviews may be required of some applicants in April. If necessary, applicants must make themselves available for an interview shortly after being contacted by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Interviews may be conducted at the Law School, via videoconference, or by telephone; the mode chosen will depend on the applicant's circumstances and the needs of the Law School.

Part-time Programs
Decisions for enrollment for Spring and Fall semester entry will be made as soon as possible following completion of an applicant’s file and typically no later than about 2 weeks before the start of each semester.