Graduate Admissions

Previous Applicants and Current NYU Students


Applicants who previously applied to any program at NYU School of Law must submit a new application and fee, and a new set of all required application materials. Such applicants must follow all policies and procedures as first-time applicants.

Second LLM Degrees

(NYU School of Law alumni only)

Students who have obtained an LLM degree at NYU School of Law and who wish to matriculate for a second degree in an LLM program must apply and be admitted by the Committee on Graduate Admissions. Admitted students who already have an LLM from NYU School of Law can obtain a second LLM degree by successfully completing the in-field credits required in that specialty and a total of no less than 21 credits. For a second LLM degree, tuition will be charged at a flat rate.

Current NYU School of Law Student Application Procedures

Current NYU Law students who wish to apply to the Graduate Division should contact the Office of Graduate Admission directly via e-mail. Current students will receive specific application instructions; and as a courtesy the application fee will be waived.

Current NYU JD students may follow the application instructions available online