Financial Aid

Dean's Awards

Institutional financial aid is awarded in amounts up to full tuition and may only be used while enrolled full-time at the School of Law. Awards are distributed one-half at the beginning of each semester. All institutional financial aid determinations are made upon admission on a rolling basis (during the spring that immediately precedes a fall enrollment) and apply to all 3 years of the JD program. Dean's Award scholarships are reduced by 50% in the 3L year if the recipient has gross earnings in excess of $15,000 during the summer between their 2L and 3L year. Students are not re-evaluated in subsequent years for Dean's Award scholarships.

To be considered for a Dean’s Award scholarship, admitted students must complete the Need Access financial aid application. We encourage all admitted students to submit the Need Access application, including students who applied for a named scholarship program as part of their application for admission. Upon receipt of your completed financial aid application, the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid will review the application together with your application for admission. You will be notified of any award(s) following the Committee's review.