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AnBryce Scholarship Program

“In addition to giving me the financial resources I needed to pursue a JD, the AnBryce program provided me with the most valuable mentorship of my life and a group of friends that I now consider family. The program also exposed me to opportunities I never knew existed, opening the door to clerkships, employment, and the world of public service. It also put me in contact with a host of role modelsfrom heads of business to partners at law firms to politiciansthat I have learned from immensely. I am deeply thankful and look forward to giving back to the program long after I graduate.”
AnBryce Scholar, Class of 2013

At its core, the AnBryce Scholarship Program seeks to identify and cultivate future leaders, who are committed to giving back to society and making a positive impact on the world. AnBryce Scholars endeavor to live with honor, act with intelligence, and lead with integrity.

The AnBryce Scholarship Program at NYU School of Law provides, among other things, full-tuition scholarships to incoming NYU Law students whose exceptional academic and leadership accomplishments were achieved in the face of extraordinarily challenging social and economic circumstances. To be eligible for consideration, candidates must be among the first in their immediate family to pursue a graduate or professional degree. In addition to receiving full-tuition scholarships, AnBryce Scholars participate in a variety of programs, including opportunities for summer employment at law firms aimed at enhancing professional development.

The AnBryce Scholarship Program was founded in 1998 through the landmark support of Anthony Welters ’77 and his wife Ambassador Beatrice Wilkinson Welters, and the two foundations that they have endowed, the AnBryce Foundation and the Vincent Wilkinson Foundation. Mr. Welters, the first in his family to graduate college and pursue a graduate degree, knew how challenging the law school experience could be for a student in circumstances similar to his. Financial pressures and the need to work can distract from the academic experience, and the lack of family and other social supports can make navigating entry into the legal profession a daunting prospect. The AnBryce Scholarship Program seeks to alleviate the financial burden of its students, and to mentor them throughout their legal studies and as they embark upon their professional careers. Ambassador and Mr. Welters play an active role in the lives of the AnBryce Scholars, both during law school and afterwards, to assure that these students are afforded the opportunities that they need to succeed, personally and professionally.

AnBryce Scholars may also be assigned to receive a “Named Scholarship,” within the AnBryce program. These scholarships are awarded by the School of Law in accordance with the wishes of the benefactors of the AnBryce program. Further information on each “Named Scholarship” can be found by clicking the link at left.

The AnBryce Scholarship Program has proven to be an overwhelming success and we are excited to invite donors seeking to support diversity to expand the AnBryce Program’s scope while at the same time realizing the donors’ philanthropic goals. Major funding for the AnBryce Scholarship Program has been provided by the individuals, organizations and firms listed within the Named Scholarship link. Generous funding has also been provided by Daniel and Estrellita Brodsky Family Foundation; Randal S. Milch '85 and Amelia S. Salzman '85; Julie and Marc E. Platt '82; Ivan '86 and Nina Horowitz Ross '86 and Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz Foundation and friends of the NYU School of Law.