Office of Student Financial Services

Scholarships and Scholars Programs

New York University School of Law awards scholarships to JD students on the basis of merit and/or need. LLMs are awarded merit based aid only. Information about JSD financial aid opportunities can be found hereAll institutional financial aid determinations are made upon admission on a rolling basis (during the spring that immediately precedes a fall enrollment) and apply to all 3 years of the JD program. Scholarship awards received upon admission are not re-evaluated in subsequent years.  

NYU has long been a leader in providing scholarships to its students. The School of Law makes scholarship awards in order to enroll the strongest class possible and to provide funds to those students who demonstrate financial need in order to attend law school. Admissions decisions are made without regard to an applicant's financial resources. Scholarship applicants should follow the directions on the application for admission in order to be considered for particular scholarships. Applications for scholarships are reviewed only for students seeking admission to a full-time degree program.

Scholarship recipients are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to retain their scholarships. The Law School’s current scholarship retention rate is 100% with nearly 40% of JD students receiving institutional assistance.