Below is a list of courses regularly offered by the Graduate Tax Program. Not every course is offered every year. For detailed course information about a particular semester, including course descriptions, please visit the Course Management System. The Graduate Tax Program also offers summer courses. You can find the fall 2017 tax offerings here, and the spring 2018 tax offerings here.

Income Taxation (JDs only)
Taxation of Property Transactions
Timing Issues and the Income Tax

Multi-state Taxation: Income Taxation
Multi-state Taxation: Sales and Gross Receipts Taxation
State Taxation of Native Americans
Value Added Taxation

Business Taxation Tax Procedure and Litigation

Accounting for Tax Consequences
Advanced Corporate Tax Problems: International
Advanced Partnership Tax I
Advanced Partnership Tax II: Issues in Practice
Bankruptcy Taxation
Corporate Taxation I
Corporate Taxation II
Employee Benefits Law
Oil and Gas Tax
Partnership Taxation
Taxation of Affiliated Corporations
Taxation of Business Conduits
Taxation of Executive Compensation
Taxation of Financial Instruments
Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions
Taxation of Private Equity Transactions



Survey of Tax Procedure
Tax Penalties and Prosecutions
Tax Procedure
Civil Tax Controversies and Litigation

Tax Policy
Colloquium on Tax Policy and Public Finance
Directed Research (professor permission required)
Comparative Tax Policy
Tax Policy
International Taxation Wealth Transfer

Advanced Corporate Tax Problems: International Seminar
Comparative Tax Policy
Corporate Tax for ITP Students
Taxation of International Business Transactions (professor permission required)
International Tax I
International Tax II
International Tax III
International Tax Policy
Survey of International Taxation
Transfer Pricing
Tax Treaties
Value Added Taxation

Estate and Gift Taxation
Estate Planning
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates I
Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates II
Private Foundations and Their Alternatives
Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving
Tax Exempt Organizations

Related Courses

Candidates for the LLM in Taxation and the LLM in International Taxation are eligible to take 4 credits of non-tax electives out of the 24 credits needed to graduate. Below is a sampling of courses in related areas that may be of interest to tax students.

Additionally, the New York University Stern School of Business reserves a limited number of seats in certain graduate Finance classes for law students. With permission, a tax student may utilize credits taken at Stern as non-tax electives. Students educated outside the US who plan on taking the NY bar exam should seek counseling before registering for Stern courses.

Accounting for Lawyers
Bankruptcy Reorganizations
Business Planning
Colloquium on Law and Business
Colloquium on Law, Economics, and Politics
Colloquium on Legal, Political and Social Philosophy
Comparative Economic Regulation
Corporate Finance
Developing Issues: Economic Analysis of Corporate Law
Developing Issues in Bankruptcy
Developing Issues in Financial Reporting

Developing Issues in Securities Regulation: Policy Issues
European Economic Law and the Evolving Structure of the European Union
European Union Law
International Business Transactions with China and Far East Asia
International Economic Transactions: Joint Ventures
Law and Economics
Law and Social Policy
Law of Nonprofit Organizations
Legal Scholarship
Mergers and Acquisitions
Social Legal Colloquium

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