Records and Registration

Transcript Request

Requests for official transcripts require the signature of the student or alumni requesting the transcript.

A transcript may be requested in writing by either completing the form available in the Records Office, by faxing a signed letter to (212) 995-4523, or by email to with a pdf attachment including the information below. You may also send a signed letter to:

Office of Records and Registration
245 Sullivan Street, Ste. 400
New York, NY 10012

You must include all of the following information:

1. Social Security or Student ID Number
2. Current Name and any name under which you attended NYU
3. Current Address
4. Date of Birth
5. School of the University attended and for which you are requesting the transcript
6. Dates of Attendance
7. Date of Graduation
8. Full Name & Address of the person or institution to which the transcript is to be sent

The limit for official transcripts issued to a student is three. A request for more than three transcripts require the full name and address of the college, University, prospective employer or scholarship agency to which the transcripts will be sent. You can indicate in your request if you would like us to forward the transcripts to your home address, but we still require the name and address of each institution. There is no charge for academic transcripts.


Plan Ahead

Make your transcript requests early and be sure to follow the instructions on this page.


Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are available at by using your netID and password. Generally, a netID is discontinued if not used after a month's time for security purposes which you can reactivate online. You can learn your netID assigned to you by using your University ID (begins with "N") and date of birth through the NYU home page. University IDs are diplayed on official transcripts, student ID cards or by submitting a formal signed request to the address above or to For more information regarding netIDs and passwords, please visit