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On Monday, April 20th, the Office of Records & Registration is sponsoring a meeting to provide you with some insight into the process of being admitted to the practice of law in New York State (... more

Dear 3L & Full-time L.L.Ms:   The Office of Records and Registration is now accepting requests for bar exam certification for the July 2015 Bar Exam. A timely submission of bar exam... more

The Spring 2015 Exam Guide has been posted at Exam Information. This guide contains important information regarding your Law School exams, including the Exam4 software for in-class exams. Please read... more

If you plan on taking a July 2015 bar exam be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements and deadlines for your jurisdiction by checking the National Conference of Bar Examiner’s website: ... more

To All May 2015 Degree Candidates: Even though graduation is several weeks away, now would be a good time to check your address information for your diploma.  Diplomas are usually mailed two months... more