Professors John Ferejohn and Lewis Kornhauser

Fall 2017
Tuesday, 4:00-5:50 p.m.
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 208

2 credits

The course will investigate a wide variety of topics ranging from the foundations of rational choice theory (an inquiry important to the evaluation of the use of the theory in understanding law) to applications to questions of immediate interest. Economists and political scientists have used the theory to investigate a number of topics of central interest to the law such as (a) how the organization of Congress affects the nature and content of legislation enacted; (b) the relation between courts and Congress; (c) Congressional and judicial control of administrative agencies; (d) federalism; and (e) the structure of adjudication.

Fall 2017 Schedule of Presenters

September 5

John Patty (The University of Chicago, Department of Political Science)
"A Theory of Political Polarization"  (with Elizabeth Maggie Penn, The University of Chicago, Department of Political Science)

September 19

Zachary Elkins (University of Texas, Austin, Department of Government)  
"Imagining a World Without the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" 

October 3

Mary McGrath (Northwestern University, Department of Political Science) 
"Group Identification and the Collaboration Effect"

October 17

Sean Gailmard (University of California, Berkeley, Department of Political Science)
"Colonial Politics, English Law, and the Strategic Foundations of Judicial Review in America"

October 31

John Ferejohn (New York University, School of Law)
"Immigration and Politics:  A Seven Nation Study"


David Stasavage (New York University, Department of Politics and New York University School of Law)
"Origins of Early Democracy"  (with Ali Ahmed, New York University, Department of  Politics)

NOvember 28

Renee Bowen (University of California, San Diego,  Department of Political Science) 
"Experimentation and Redistribution" (with Vincent Anesi, University of Nottingham, UK, School of Economics)


Colloquium questions: Máire Kimble at or (212) 998-6179