The Law Library is a quiet area for study and research. Please be respectful and courteous of others in your use of the Law Library.

In order to make the library experience pleasant and productive for library users and to protect its books and equipment, the Law Library has instituted the following rules:

  • Eating is prohibited in the Law Library.  
  • Beverages must be in spill-proof containers.   
  • No conversations in the Law Library.  
  • Cell phones should be silenced.
  • The sound on laptops and other electronic devices should be turned down.
  • Do not leave valuables unattended, even for a few minutes. Thefts occur every now and then which the Law Library is unable to prevent.

Eating, drinking, conversing, and using cell phones can be done outside the Law Library in Room 110 and in student lounges in Vanderbilt Hall and Furman Hall.

These rules are obligatory for all library users, and will be enforced by Law Library staff as per the request of the Dean’s Office and the Student Bar Association.

Your cooperation is essential and very much valued.