JD Admissions


AnBryce Scholars reflect the quality and diversity of the Law School’s student body which is drawn from a broad spectrum of society. The Scholars represent a wide-range of backgrounds and experiences.

Accepting the AnBryce Scholarship was the defining choice of my professional career. As I looked back at my legal education during my final year at NYU, I saw the new scholars entering and succeeding at the law school. That's when it hit me: the AnBryce Scholarship is more than a scholarship. It is a movement.
Sheridan England '04

The professionals involved in the AnBryce scholarship are like the supportive and well-connected parents I never had. They are wonderful mentors, providing advice in areas I know nothing about, and providing me with many opportunities to meet people and improve skills that are crucial for success in law and business.
Leila K. Thompson '05

The AnBryce Scholarship offers much more than generous funding, it also provides a valuable network program at NYU that has been essential to realizing my educational and career goals. As a recipient, I have had the honor of dining with Dean Revesz and the donors, received invitations to gala events, and had access to AnBryce mentors and NYU School of Law faculty members. The AnBryce Scholarship has greatly exceeded my expectation. I will forever cherish the acquaintances and friendships I have established as an AnBryce Scholar.
RaShelle Davis '07

Being an AnBryce Scholar has opened up doors of opportunity I once thought were only available to the elite and privileged. The program's structure and its support network have allowed me to focus on my major reason for attending law school: improving my analytical development. The lifetime relationships that I have forged with my fellow scholars (and classmates) are just a testament of the family-like atmosphere we have, and the inclusiveness of our community. The An-Bryce program is just now tapping into its potential. The sky is the limit!
Jason O. Washington '07

The AnBryce Scholarship has given me the opportunity to go farther educationally than anyone in my family has ever gone. More than that, it gave me a home within the law school community right from the start. Thanks to everyone who makes AnBryce possible, I have had an amazing first two years at NYU School of Law. I always know that there's someone in the AnBryce family watching out for me, and that makes all the difference.
Rosa Neel '07

I never imagined all the opportunities that would be afforded to me as an An-Bryce Scholar. Although many people have supported me throughout my life, they have never had the resources to invest in my success. The Welters' generosity is astonishing. Not only has the An-Bryce Program provided the academic, financial, and professional support to help me navigate my law school experience, but it has also created avenues for me that would have never been available otherwise. Very few individuals can say that they met all nine Justices of the Supreme Court or they had dinner with the General Counsel of Pepsi and his wife. Thanks to the AnBryce program, I can say that those experiences are just a snapshot of my life as an AnBryce Scholar. My family and I are forever grateful to the Welters and their support. My road to law school was tough, but the An Bryce program has paved the way to my future.
Donesha Dennis '08

It is so encouraging to be a part of a community in which all members are so invested in each others' development as students, as professionals, and, most importantly, as individuals. AnBryce is not simply a scholarship. AnBryce is a culture.
Brandilyn Dumas '08

The AnBryce program is truly amazing! In addition to providing a wealth of academic support, the program has afforded me a myriad of opportunities that I simply can not cover in this short comment. I know that is AnBryce that has made my first year of law school possible, and for that I am eternally grateful. I can't wait to be an alumni, so that I can contribute to AnBryce, and hopefully help others to enjoy this very special experience.
Toby Lewis '09


The AnBryce Scholars Program affords the greatest opportunity for deserving students destined for success to reach extraordinary heights and leave a lasting mark.
Jose Maldonado, AmeriChoice Vice President of Operations for the New York Plan, Panelist

I find the AnBryce program the most inspiring program I have been involved in during all my years in teaching. Part of that inspiration comes from the way the creators of the program, the Welters, envisioned it. They realized that providing financial assistance to the students was the easy part of the program. But based on their own experience, they also recognized that the students needed and would benefit from much more than that; the Welters wanted a program that would provide continuous mentoring and other support during law school, along with professional assistance throughout the careers and lives of the students. Everyone involved in the program, for professors, to federal judges, to lawyers and businesspeople, are committed to the Welters' vision of this program. And the inspiration also comes from the applicants and the students who enroll in the program. To understand how hard the students have had to work and the difficulties they have transcended, along with the bright future now in front of them, is a constant reminder of the power of education to transform lives. 
Richard Pildes, NYU School of Law, Sudler Family Professor of Constitutional Law, Panelist and past Faculty Director of the AnBryce Scholarship Progam

The interviews, which I have participated in for years, is the most compelling day of my year. The applicants have all inspired me with their intelligence, their outlook and their individual stories. These will all be the citizen lawyer leaders of tomorrow.
Judah Sommer, Goldman Sachs & Co, Managing Director, Panelist