J.D. Admissions

J.D./M.A. or Ph.D. in Economics, History, Philosophy or Politics


New York University School of Law offers dual degree programs leading to a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and either a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Economics, French Studies, History, Philosophy, or Politics as well as a Ph.D. in Economics, History, Philosophy, or Politics. Students can pursue a J.D./M.A. or J.D./Ph.D. with the Graduate School of Arts and Science at NYU.

These programs provide law students with the opportunity to acquire analytical and methodological skills in the social sciences by exposing them to complementary methods, approaches, and intellectual tools.

The dual degree program in Economics offers a well-rounded education in economics. It is especially strong in economic theory, both on the micro and macro levels, as well as in the applied fields of political economy, industrial economics, labor economics, international economics and growth and development.

The Department of History offers masters and doctoral programs in national, international, and comparative fields. Students may choose to emphasize comparative or thematic approaches, either within their areas of specialization or as a minor field.

The dual degree programs in Philosophy enable students to focus on the philosophical aspects of legal theory: jurisprudence, ethics, political philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of language and philosophy of science.

In the Department of Politics, five fields of study are offered: political theory, political methodology, American government and politics, comparative politics, and international relations. A wide range of methodologies is used, from the study of classical texts and public documents to mathematical methods, including statistical analysis and game theory.

NYU School of Law requires 83 credits to earn the J.D. degree. NYU School of Law will accept 12 credits of classwork after matriculation in the Law School. These 12 credits count towards the overall cap of 18 credits of non-classroom credits. The remaining 71 credits must be earned at the Law School. 8 credits of Law courses will be applied to the M.A. degree.

Students must meet the application requirements and be admitted to both schools independently. Applications may be filed simultaneously before enrolling at either school, or during the first-year at either school. Students are expected to spend three consecutive terms at the Graduate School of Arts and Science and five semesters at the NYU School of Law. The final semester must also be spent at the NYU School of Law. Students may not receive either degree until they have completed all coursework for both degrees.

Students interested in the program, and those already enrolled, are invited to contact Amy Chu, Senior Director of Academic Services and Registration (acadservices@exchange.law.nyu.edu or 212-998-6020), to discuss their options. For program specific information, please contact GSAS Graduate Admissions at gsas.admissions@nyu.edu.

Further information about applying may also be obtained by contacting:

Graduate School of Arts And Sciences
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

New York University
6 Washington Square North
New York, NY 10003
(212) 998-8050

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