Spring 2018
Tax Policy and Public Finance Colloquium
Tuesday, 4:00-5:50 p.m., Vanderbilt Hall-208
Professor Daniel Shaviro and Professor Lily Batchelder


The Colloquium offers students the opportunity to pursue tax policy and theory, along with related issues of public economics, at an advanced level. The primary focus of the Colloquium will be papers and works in progress by scholars from around the country, including NYU faculty. Students attend the afternoon Colloquium and participate in its discussions. In addition, each week the morning seminar component examines the paper scheduled for presentation at the Colloquium, including background issues that may help in understanding it. Students must prepare a short comment paper in 5 of the 14 weeks focusing on the upcoming paper, make a short in-class presentation on one of the papers, and submit to the conveners of the Colloquium a proposed question for the author in each week (after Week 1) when they are not submitting a comment paper or making an oral presentation.

Daniel Shaviro                                                                                                Lily Batchelder 
Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation                                                           Frederick I. and Grace Stokes Professor of Law
New York University                                                                                     New York University 
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shavirod@mercury.law.nyu.edu                                                                    lily.batchelder@nyu.edu

January 16
Greg Leiserson, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
“Removing the Free Lunch from Dynamic Scores: Reconciling the Scoring Perspective with the Optimal Tax Perspective”

January 23
Peter Dietsch, University of Montreal Philosophy Department
“Tax Competition and Global Background Justice" 

January 30
Andrew Hayashi, University of Virginia Law School
“Countercyclical Tax Bases”

February 6
Gerald Auten, U.S. Treasury Department
“Income Inequality in the United States: Using Tax Data to Measure Long-Term Trends”

February 13
Vanessa Williamson, Brookings Institution

February 27
Jacob Goldin, Stanford Law School

March 6
Lisa Philipps, Osgoode Hall Law School
“Gendering the Analysis of Tax Expenditures”

March 20
Lisa De Simone, Stanford Graduate School of Business

March 27
Damon Jones, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy

April 3
Ajay Mehrotra, American Bar Foundation and Northwestern University School of Law
“T.S. Adams and the Beginning of the Value-Added Tax”

April 10
Jason Furman, Harvard Kennedy School
“Should Policymakers Care Whether Inequality Is Helpful or Harmful For Growth?”

April 17
Emily Satterthwaite, University of Toronto Law School
“Electing into a Value-Added Tax: Survey Evidence from Ontario Micro-Entrepreneurs”

April 24
Wolfgang Schon, Max Planck Institute
“Taxation and Democracy”

May 1
Mitchell Kane, NYU Law School


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