Professor David Golove
Professor Daniel Hulsebosch

Spring 2018
Alternate Mondays 4:10-6:00 p.m.
Vanderbilt Hall, Room 208

2 credits

The colloquium will alternate between public and private sessions. In the public sessions, the colloquium will discuss works-in-progress by historians or legal scholars. In the private sessions, the moderators and students will discuss reading materials that provide context for the upcoming public papers. Students will submit response papers before each public session.


Spring 2018 Schedule of Presenters


The Law of Nations and the “Conflict of Faculties”

Expanding Histories of International Law

Martti Koskenniemi, Academy Professor of International Law, University of Helsinki, NYU Global Professor of Law (Spring 2018)

February 12

The Sovereign Market and Sex Difference: Human Rights in America

Amy Dru Stanley, Associate Professor of History and the College, University of Chicago                      

February 26

Creating a Common Law of Slavery for England and its New World Empire

Holly Brewer, Burke Professor of American History & Associate Professor, Director of History Honors Program, University of Maryland

March 19

Does the Supreme Court Follow the Flag?: The Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, and the Founding

Martin Flaherty, Leitner Family Professor, Co-Director, Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, Fordham University School of Law


The Nomos of the Island: Law, Geography, and Power in the making of ‘English’ Bombay

Philip Stern, Sally Dalton Robinson Associate Professor of History, Duke University

April 16

The President and Immigration Law

Adam Cox, Robert A. Kindler Professor of Law, NYU School of Law


The Birth of the Business Corporation East and West: Eurasian Trade Institutions and their Migration, 1400–1700

Professor Ron Harris, The Buchmann Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University