The Tax Law Review (TLR), the premier law school journal for tax policy scholarship, is one of the few faculty-edited journals in the legal academy. Under the current leadership of Professor Deborah Schenk, Editor-in-Chief, the TLR publishes articles and essays by leading legal academics and practitioners as well as noted economists. The journal annually awards merit scholarships to six or seven students who serve as graduate editors, assisting the faculty editorial board.

The Tax Law Review publishes four issues annually, one of which is devoted to an annual tax policy symposium. The TLR invites several eminent academics and practitioners to present papers on a single topic of tax policy. The day-long invitational symposium provides the authors the opportunity to discuss their work with academics, practitioners and government representatives who offer legal and economic commentary.

Past topics have included capital gains policy, North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and taxation, wealth transfer taxation, and taxation of electronic commerce. The papers and written commentary are published in a special issue that serves as a source for cutting edge theoretical scholarship on a given question.

The Tax Law Review prefers electronic submission through ExpressO. If a hard copy submission is necessary, please mail your article to:

Professor Deborah Schenk
Tax Law Review
40 Washington Square South
New York, New York 10012

Although we have no minimum or maximum page requirements for submissions, we do have a strong preference for submissions that are 30,000 words or less, including text and footnotes. The TLR accepts most articles during the March and August submission seasons, but will consider manuscripts at any time.

To request expedited review of an article, please do so via ExpressO or by e-mail to Deborah Schenk at Please include “request for expedited review” in the subject line of the e-mail. Expedite requests must include the name of the competing journal that has extended an offer of publication and the date by which a decision is due. Note that due to the high volume of these requests, review of an article by a particular deadline may not be possible.

For subscription information please call (212) 992-8855 or e-mail the Tax Law Review at Please visit our Journals store to make an online purchase.