NYC Chancellor’s Regulation A-443 (“Regulation A-443”)

This regulation addresses student disciplinary procedures, including the rights of students/parents, the steps the school must take before suspending a student, and the hearing process. While this manual describes many of these procedures and rights, you may want to read through the Chancellor’s Regulations as you prepare for your hearing and be prepared to cite any relevant sections during your hearing.

NYC Citywide Standards of Discipline and Intervention Measures (“Discipline Code”)

The discipline code gives a range of possible disciplinary responses for each infraction. In other words, it gives the minimum and maximum suspension time that the Department of Education can impose for a specific charge. For many infractions, the discipline code suggests the possibility of lesser disciplinary responses than a suspension. Feel free to suggest, as appropriate, that these lesser responses are most appropriate during the disposition. The discipline code also includes possible guidance interventions that the Department of Education can use in addition to disciplinary responses. These include counseling, conflict resolution, and referral to a community-based organization.