Law and Social Entrepreneurship Association

Our Mission and History


The Law and Social Entrepreneurship Association strives to accomplish the following:

  • Expose law students to the growing field of social entrepreneurship
  • Inspire ideas for innovating the legal sector
  • Work with lawyers and law students to identify how they can use their legal skills to impact, broaden and innovate the social entrepreneurship field
  • Create a support network of law students invested in pattern-breaking, sustainable and scalable ideas for change


LSEA was born of a sense among law students that many intractable social and justice problems call for novel approaches that do not fit neatly into the traditional legal field and for which there is no explicit training offered at law schools. At the same time, law students possess many of the talents and skills that make them fertile ground for cultivating new leadership for such initiatives. LSEA aims to arm the legal field with the wherewithal to embark on these crucial new lines of work by being the first to formally explore the application of social entrepreneurship principles to the field of law.

LSEA convened its first board meeting in January 2009 after more than a year spent in conversation with students, scholars and practitioners to measure the demand for an organization that would explore the uncharted intersection of law and social entrepreneurship. That dialogue confirmed a strong sense of needs unmet and opportunities overlooked in the legal profession’s engagement with intractable social problems. LSEA was founded in answer to those conversations.