Scheduling Your Courses

The following documents should be used in conjunction with the Schedule of Classes when preparing your course schedule for each semester. Note that not all courses are offered each semester or each year.

Faculty and course evaluations (paper only through Fall 2004) available for review at the following offices:

  • Office of Records and Registration, Furman Hall, Room 400
  • NYU School of Law Library, Vanderbilt Hall, Room 108

Spring 2005 and future semester faculty and course evaluations can be found online.

Dual Degree Information

New York University School of Law offers a number of dual degree programs with other graduate schools at the University and elsewhere.

Additional Assistance

As you think about your courses, you should contact your faculty advisor or other faculty members in subject areas in which you are interested. For additional assistance, you may also contact the Director of Academic Services (for all JD students) in Furman Hall, Room 400, or the Office of Graduate Affairs (for all LLM, JSD, and Exchange students) in Furman Hall, Suite 340.