Registration is a two-part process: the bidding period and the add/drop period. An automated bidding algorithm enrolls students in courses based on the number of points bid for courses and a fixed set of criteria described in the Year-Long Registration Guide. Students register via COURSES at

After the bidding period for each semseter, students may make changes to their schedules during the add/drop period. There will be one spring 2017 bidding cycle in August. There will be a second spring 2017 bidding cycle in late October. Spring 2017 add/drop cycles will begin in early November. Registering for the entire year during the summer requires careful planning and attention to dates, deadlines, and bidding selections as well as the results of the bidding cycles.

If you are admitted in a program that begins in the spring or otherwise do not begin registration until after September, you may participate in the second spring 2017 bidding cycle in late October.

See the Registration Calendar for bidding period and add/drop dates for all students.

If you are a continuing student, participation in the bidding period and add/drop is not permitted until you pay any prior account balance, including tuition, housing, and fees. Of course, you may register for courses after you pay, but if your payment is received after the bidding period closes, you will not be included in the bidding period and your selection of courses will be limited to courses available during add/drop. If a Hold is placed on your account after you register for the bidding period, your course selections will be deleted. After you have made payment, you will be able to select courses during the add/drop period. If you make payment after add/drop has ended, you will not be permitted to register retroactively.