The MSL in Taxation

NYU Law Offers Master of Studies in Law (MSL) in Taxation

NYU Law has long been home to the preeminent Graduate Tax Program of its kind, offering courses to law students taught by the country’s most respected academics and leading practitioners. In today’s environment, lawyers, accountants and economists interact much more closely than in the past. Starting in the Spring 2014 semester, NYU Law will offer the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) in Taxation to respond to a growing demand from large organizations for targeted legal instruction for individuals who are not lawyers, but who advise on the tax aspects of sophisticated business transactions.

The MSL is designed for experienced tax professionals who do not hold a law degree and who wish to study tax law on a part-time basis in a convenient online format. The MSL will not prepare or qualify students for the practice of law or to sit for any state bar exam, but it does provide experienced tax professionals an opportunity to study the tax law as it is taught in a law school environment.

What is the MSL in Taxation?

MSL students participate in online tax courses by viewing videos of courses offered on campus, interacting with their professors and classmates using online discussion boards and taking a final exam at the end of each course. Students in the MSL program view the same lectures offered to Tax LLM students, but are evaluated separately from Tax LLM students and receive high pass/pass/fail grades rather than the traditional letter grades. Students earn their degree by completing entirely online tax courses on a part-time basis over a period of up to five years. Students who already hold a master’s degree can complete the MSL program in 24 credits; for all other students, the degree requires 30 credits of study.

In most semesters, more than a dozen different online courses are offered, including Corporate Tax, Partnership Tax, International Tax, Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions, and Tax Policy. MSL students can customize classwork around their work schedules, watching classes via streaming video at convenient times. Even final exams can be completed on a computer at home or in the office by using a video proctoring device, though exams must be taken on the scheduled date.

Sample Online Class

Online courses are offered in high-resolution video, using the same technology that popular video-on-demand services use to deliver movies. Each course is recorded by multiple live camera operators and a director, not by a fixed camera at the back of the room. Most professors use a “smart tablet” that displays the professor’s handwriting electronically in a separate window in each course video.

Watch an excerpt of a Corporate Tax II course taught by NYU Law Professor Joshua Blank.

Watch a demonstration of the many features of the state-of-the-art system used in our online classes.

Admission and Program Requirements

Admission to the MSL program will be highly selective. All applicants must have at least three years of work experience in U.S. federal, state, or local tax issues. Applicants must also have an excellent academic record and an appropriate educational background. This can be satisfied by holding a master’s degree in accounting, taxation, economics, or finance from a U.S. university. Alternatively, holding a CPA license or substantially similar certification may also meet our minimum educational requirements. Those who hold a law degree are not eligible to apply to this program, and may instead apply to our other LLM or certificate programs in taxation.

For more information on application requirements, including information for those with non-U.S. educational credentials, please visit our How to Apply page. If you would like to discuss which of our tax programs best suits your needs, please contact us.

Application Deadlines

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