J.S.D. Program


J.S.D. students that wish to submit manuscripts for publication in law reviews may do so through the online service ExpressO.  You can submit articles electronically to over 500 law reviews by logging in with your @nyu.edu email account at http://law.bepress.com/expresso/.

The J.S.D. Office will co-pay up to $100.00 USD per student, and you should submit articles to all prospective journals at once.  We will only match funding, i.e. for every dollar charged to your account, we will match one dollar up to a maximum of $100.00 USD.  If you incur charges of $120.00 USD, you must pay $60.00 USD and the J.S.D. Office will pay $60.00 USD.  If you incur charges of $300.00 USD, the J.S.D. Office will pay $100.00 USD and you are responsible for $200.00 USD.  All payments must be made by check to NYU School of Law within one month of usage.

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