Corporation Law Requirements 2014-15

Credit Requirement

At least 21 of the required 24 credits must be taken in courses and seminars from the following groups:

There is no writing requirement for this program, but it is recommended that you take at least one seminar that offers a writing opportunity.


All International LLM students in the Corporation Law Program who have not taken a course in corporation law in a common law country must register for Corporations (LW.10644) for four or five credits. LLM students in the Corporation Law Program are ineligible for the four-credit Corporations class (LW.10344) which is intended for students in other LLM programs.

Prerequisite: Please note that Corporations LW.10644 serves as a co-requisite for any course requiring Corporations as a prerequisite. This information is not specifically noted in each course description.

Core Business Courses

All students must enroll in at least 4 credits within this group:

  • Accounting for Lawyers (LW.10007 - 2 or 3 credits) (mutually exclusive for the core requirements with Introduction to Accounting and Finance)
  • Bankruptcy (LW.11460 - 4 credits)
  • Corporate Bond Contracts and Credit Agreements (LW.11216- 4 credits)
  • Corporate Finance (LW.11461 - 3 credits) (mutually exclusive for the core requirements with Introduction to Accounting and Finance)
  • Introduction to Accounting and Finance (LW.12337 - 3 credits) (mutually exclusive for the core requirements with Accounting for Lawyers and Corporate Finance)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (LW.10327 - 2 or 3 credits)
    OR Negotiating Corporate Transactions (LW.11158 - 2 credits)
    OR Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions (LW.12059 - 2 credits)
  • Survey of Securities Regulation (LW.10322 - 3 or 4 credits)

Other Related Courses

All Law School courses related to legal regulation of business activity, which include:

  • Colloquium on Law Economics and Politics (LW.10582)
  • Comparative Contract Law Seminar (LW.12339)
  • Comparative Employment and Labor Law Seminar (LW.12362)
  • Cyber Crime Seminar (LW.12381)
  • Employment Law (LW.10259)
  • European Union Law (LW.10851)
  • Globalization and Law: An Economic Perspective on International Trade and Competition Seminar (LW.12342)
  • Graduate Lawyering I (LW.12373 or LW.12374 or LW.12375)
  • Graduate Lawyering II (LW.12376)
  • Labor and Employment in the Entertainment Industry Seminar (LW.11605)
  • Land Use, Housing and Community Development in New York City (LW.10651)
  • Law and Business of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (LW.12371)
  • Law and Policy of Foreign Investment Seminar (LW.10709)
  • Professional Responsibility and the Regulation of Lawyers (LW.11479)
  • Professional Responsibility in the Corporate Context (LW.12346)
  • Quantitative Methods Seminar (LW.10794)
  • Regulation of Foreign Corrupt Practices (LW.12081)

Stern Business School Courses

Students are permitted to take up to six credits at Stern that may be counted toward the credits needed to earn the LLM degree. Please note that classes cross-listed with Stern (designated by a “Z” in the Course Management System) are treated the same as any Law School class so that (A), (B) and (C) below do not apply.

Stern classes designated “Preferential” may be taken for credit toward the LLM degree and count toward the 21 required credits in corporations and related classes. To receive degree credit for a class that is not Preferential you must petition and be granted approval by the Vice Dean. In order to so, please follow the “Classes at Other NYU Divisions” procedure found here.

Fall 2014 Preferential Courses will be listed online here (the list of spring courses is available in the fall) and are designated by the code “Prf” in the Law School’s Course Management System. Please review the information on the Records and Registration Web site regarding cross-registration and take note of the following important items:

       (A) The credit value assigned to Stern courses by the Law School is lower than that assigned by Stern because of the number of meeting hours. For example, a course assigned 3.0 credits by Stern may be assigned 2.5 by the Law School. You may take no more than 6 credits (calculated at the Stern rate) in a given semester.

       (B) No more than 6 credits in courses taught at Stern or other divisions of NYU (outside the Law School) may be counted toward the 24 credits you may need to qualify to sit for the New York Bar.

       (C) Grades earned in Stern courses appear on the Law School transcript but are not calculated in the law school GPA.

Prerequisites for Stern Courses:  Many Stern classes have pre or co-requisites.  For example, for certain Stern upper-level finance courses there is a prerequisite of the Stern class Foundations of Finance (COR1-GB.2311) and a co-requisite of the Stern class Corporate Finance (FINC-GB.2302). A law student who has completed Corporate Finance at the Law School (LAW-11461) will have satisfied this requirement. [Note: The Law School’s Corporate Finance course (LAW-11461) is mutually exclusive with both Corporate Finance at Stern (FINC-GB.2302) and Foundations of Finance (COR1-GB.2311).] You may obtain a waiver of a finance prerequisite if you meet one of the following conditions: 

  • You have an MBA degree and have taken finance courses as part of that degree.
  • You are in the LLM APCLB program and took the Stern summer course on  finance topics that is part of this program.

  • You were a Finance undergraduate major, or you can provide a minimum of five  courses, from an accredited institution, which directly correspond to the subject  matter.

If you do not meet the requirements above to waive the required pre and/or co-requisite for a Stern course, you will need to take a proficiency exam in the topic(s) required.

Please contact the Office of Graduate Affairs for assistance with questions about prerequisites or other aspects of registering for a Stern course.

Contact Information

Prospective students should direct their inquiries to the Office of Graduate Admissions and admitted and current students to the Office of Graduate Affairs.

Current students may contact Professor Allen's assistant, Monica Cortez-Langham:
Telephone: (212) 998-6653
Facsimile: (212) 995-4692

and/or Professor Kahan's assistant, Mary Kimble:
Telephone: (212) 998-6179
Facsimile: (212) 995-4692