Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business

Program Tracks

Jacobson JD Scholars

An important component of the Jacobson Leadership Program is the competitive, merit-based scholarship program designed to attract and support students of exceptional accomplishment and potential. Scholarships in amounts up to full tuition are awarded each year to first-year students entering the Law School with outstanding academic backgrounds and seeking leadership careers at the intersection of law and business. An additional cohort of students are selected to enter the program at the end of their first year.


Jacobson JD/MBA Students

This joint program offers to students the MBA and JD curriculums in a coordinated program that can be completed in four years. The first two years of the program are spent at NYU’s School of Law, the third year is spent at NYU's Stern School of Business, and the fourth is divided between the two schools.


Jacobson JD/MBA Scholars

These students receive merit-based scholarships while completing the MBA and JD curricula in the Jacobson Leadership Program.


Nordlicht Family Scholars

The Nordlicht Family Scholarship in the Jacobson Leadership Program is part of NYU’s innovative initiative to support social entrepreneurship through legal studies. The Scholarship is awarded to students who intend to pursue a career in social entrepreneurship by following a curriculum which combines legal and business skills with the ultimate goal of creating innovative solutions to pressing social problems. The scholarship is limited to applicants with financial need as defined by the Law School. Nordlicht Family Scholars are fully integrated members of the Jacobson Leadership Program.


Reynolds Fellows

Each year, the NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship awards Fellowships in Social Entrepreneurship to students from across 11 NYU schools. Reynolds Fellows that are Law School students are housed under the auspices of the Jacobson Leadership Program and receive Reynolds Program scholarships as they participate in the curricular and co-curricular Reynolds Program designed to help prepare them to be the next generation of social entrepreneurial leaders.