In its general format, a survey article will introduce one or several recent developments in a particular area of the law. The article should provide a detailed background section that clearly sets up the context for the developments and highlights their significance, a developments section that summarizes the significant developments, and a ramifications section that discusses how the developments are likely to play out in future litigation, legislation, or practice, as well as make any recommendations that the author deems appropriate.

Within this general framework, authors have discretion to select a sub-topic within their area of expertise. Depending on the scope of the subject matter and the time frame covered, the article may range from 20 to 70 pages or longer. What is most important is the thorough discussion of developments within the area chosen and their ramifications.

Authors who are interested in departing from this survey model or who have not written about recent developments in the article they wish to submit should contact the Editor in Chief or the Managing Editor of Development to discuss options for publication.


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