Key Components of the Lottery Process

By participating in this process, you are hereby agreeing to and accepting the following components of the Law School Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process:

Only Academic Year 2018-19 NYU School of Law students that currently reside in housing are able to participate in the Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process. Students are considered renewable if they have met all housing application and payment deadlines, have maintained matriculated status, and have not canceled their housing contract (NYU School of Law approved medical leaves and NYU study abroad programs are the only exceptions).

  1. The NYU School of Law Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process is voluntary. Only eligible to students who want to secure NYU-housing for the 2018-2019 academic year should apply.
  2. Students who do not complete both steps of Phase I (the online reapplication) and Phase II (room selection) will lose their renewable guaranteed housing status and will only be eligible to apply for on-campus housing through the non-renewable non-guarantee housing application.
  3. Students who have completed Phase 1 of the NYU School of Law Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process are bound to the terms of the 2018-2019 Housing License. The Housing License is a 9-month financial commitment for the full academic year, both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 terms, and can only be canceled in accordance with the terms specified within the license.
  4. Students who have completed Phase I and not renewing their current assignment are eligible to participate in Phase II. Students who fail to participate in Phase II will automatically be canceled from the room selection process.
  5. Individual students may select into a studio or any available space in a double occupancy apartment.
  6. Those applying as a group may not break-up into different configurations, i.e. Doubles may not request two single apartments/ or go into a triple apartment.
  7. Registering a group during Phase I provides group members with the ability to participate in room selection (Phase II) together. 
  8. Once a student's space has been selected during Phase II, the space cannot be changed.  Students unsatisfied with their space may apply for a room change during the room switch process beginning February 5th through February 7, 2018.

  *  Applicants Must Complete PHASE I & II *

Phase 1

In Phase I students may:

1. Renew their current assignment for 2018-19 academic year

2. Enter selection the Lottery as an individual or family unit

3. Enter selection the Lottery as a newly formed group (maximum of 3 participants)



You may elect to renew and remain in your current Spring 2018 assignment for the upcoming academic year by simply selecting the “renew” option. You will be automatically assigned into to your current 2017-2018 assignment for the following academic year 2018-2019. There are no additional steps required. You will not participate in Phase II of the lottery process.

View the Step by Step directions here.


You may elect to enter the Lottery as an individual that is not part of a group. When you access the Phase II step, you will be able to browse through the available inventory single and double occupancy apartments and select a room. Once you have selected a room, it cannot be changed. Students can access the Phase II: Room Selection step in their Academic Year 2018-2019 application via the housing portal.

View the Step by Step directions here.


You may elect to enter the Lottery as a group.  A group consists of 2 or 3 group members. Students who wish to register for room selection as a group should be aware of the following:

  • Groups will submit one group name only. Up to 3 students may be included on the group application.
  • Students may only register to be part of one group.
  • Only one person within the group will create the group name and password and thereby is designated the Group Leader (see specific information below). The Group Leader will be able to select for the group in Phase II: Room Selection process. Once this group leader is selected, it is binding for the group.
  • Each member is responsible for adding themselves to the group created by the group leader. To add yourself to a group, you will need the group name and password, which should be provided by your group leader.
  • Students are given a priority number based on the number of semesters they have lived in academic year housing (one point per semester).  Those who wish to create a group including students with a different priority status numbers will have their overall groups priority averaged. Therefore, a priority 1 student and a priority 3 student choosing to live together will enter room selection with a priority 2 group standing.
  • All members of a group will receive the same selection date, time, and lottery number.
  • The Group Leader will be responsible for assigning all members of the group into designated spaces within an apartment. Assignments may not be changed. Before registering, groups should discuss whom they wish to assume the responsibility of being the Group Leader.

View the step by step here.

Phase II

In Phase II students may:

  • In Phase II, students are given the opportunity to select a room online from the available housing inventory. Selection times are determined randomly. 

  • The Phase II Room Selection begins on January 26, 2018 and concludes on January 31, 2018.

  • The Room Selection step can only be accessed through the housing portal.

View the Step by Step - Individual - Phase II here. 

View the Step by Step - Group - Phase II here.

Room Selection times are determined by a randomized sorting within priority categories. Students who have registered in a group will have individual priorities averaged to create one group priority.

Students will be notified by 5pm on January 24, 2018 via their NYUHome account of the specific date and time that they will be able to access the Room Selection step online, view the available inventory, and select a room.

While students are not required to choose an assignment at their selection time, other students will continue to be rolled into the selection pool based on their selection time, so there will be fewer spaces as the process continues. The process will be open through 5:00pm EST on January 31, 2018, as space permits, for students to make a room selection for next the following academic year 2018-2019.

In an effort to create more housing options for incoming and current residents, ensure equity, and maximize use of available spaces, the Department of Residence Services may actively seek to consolidate vacancies within the Law School Housing system. Students that are assigned to partially-filled apartments may be reassigned. To clarify, the residence hall, room, and/or roommates you select now may be changed if necessary for consolidation purposes. Consolidation may occur prior to check-in or during the academic year.

Please email the Office of Residential Life ( with any questions regarding the housing lottery and room selection process.