The following information has been provided to give students a general understanding of the billing and payment process. We encourage you to contact the following offices for further information:

  • Office of Student Financial Services - Students should contact the Office of Student Financial Services with any questions or concerns they may have regarding financial aid and financing their legal education (scholarships, student expense budgets, federal and private loan programs, LRAP). NYU School of Law students who face financial hardship in paying NYU School of Law Summer Housing charges should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to arrange a housing payment plan.

  • Office of the Bursar - Please visit the NYU Bursar website for further information about payment deadlines, methods of payment, and payment plans.
  • Office of Academic Services - Students should contact the Office of Academic Services with any questions they may have about the impact of non-payment on registration for classes. As is noted on their website, charges (including housing) not paid by the payment deadlines may result in loss of the following services (lottery and drop/add, transcript requests, graduation and issuance of diploma, release of grades, use of the Office of Career Services, Coles Sports Center, and the Library).

NYU Electronic Suite

All billing is processed by the NYU Bursar's Office.

The University's Electronic Suite (eSuite) for E-Bill, E-Payment and E-Refunds is an integrated web portal, providing students with the following services:

  • View Electronic Bill
  • View recent/current account activity in real-time
  • Make an electronic check payment towards a student account
  • Save electronic check payment information
  • Request E-refunds (Arrange for the direct deposit of student refunds)

More eSuite FAQs

Logging Into eSuite

Students can access their eSuite account by logging onto the Albert Student Center via NYUHome using their NYU Net ID and Password. Once in the Albert Student Center, click on View Bursar Account located in the Finances menu.

Instructions on how to log into the NYU eSuite are also available on the NYU Bursars website.


Your Account

Electronic Bills

The University's Electronic Billing System is the official means of generating bills for enrolled students. The Electronic Bill is a monthly billing statement, and you will only receive an Electronic Bill if you have a balance on your account. Each time a bill is generated an email will be sent to your NYU email address (

Recent/Current Activity

Real-time account activity is available through the eSuite, accessible via NYUHome. Students, once logged into eSuite through the Albert Student Center via NYUHome, should select View Activity (located under the My Account tab) or Account Activity since your Last Statement (located under the eBill tab) to view real-time account activity.


Payment Deadlines

Academic year residents are billed on a semester basis and the payment deadlines are available on the NYU Bursar's Office website. (For visitor and transfer payment deadlines see the applicable registration supplement located on the Academic Services website.)


Methods of Payment

The balance due may be paid by electronic check, personal check, bank draft, money order, certified check, or wire transfer. NYU does not accept credits cards. More information on this change is available on the NYU Bursar's Office website.

Note: Early Arrival charges are posted to the summer term.

Payment cannot be submitted to the Department of Residence Services.


Payment Plans

NYU offers several payment plans to assist in either budgeting or financing your education. Please see the NYU Bursar's Office website for information on available payment plans.