Summer Living in New York Cancellation Requests

Unless your written request to cancel your assignment is received and approved by April 5, 2014, or by the date indicated in your initial assignment letter, the license binds you to all terms for the full license period./p>


If you never occupy or you vacate your assigned space without submitting a written cancellation request, or if your cancellation request is not approved, the License will not be cancelled and you will continue to be responsible for all fees due under or as a consequence of the License for the entire License period.

Those assigned after the April 5, 2014, cancellation deadline will have 48 hours (48 hours, not business hours) from the date of assignment notification to cancel without obligation. Waitlisted applicants who do not have a housing assignment may cancel their housing application and be refunded their initial payment at any time.

2014 Summer Living in New York applicants must submit the Summer Cancellation Request Form for approval.