NYU Law Abroad Staff in Buenos Aires

Marcelo Alegre

On-Site Buenos Aires Program Director

Marcelo Alegre holds an JD from the School of Law of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, and an LLM (1999) and a JSD (2004) from New York University Law School. His doctoral dissertation, Egalitarian Rights and Constitutional Democracy, was supervised by Thomas Nagel. He is Professor of Law and Philosophy at the Universidad de Buenos Aires School of Law, where he is also responsible for this research area.

In Argentina, he has taught graduate courses at Universidad de Palermo and San Andrés. He was a visiting professor at the law schools of the Universidad Pompeu Fabra, Spain; Universidad de Puerto Rico; Universidad de Chile, and others. He was a visiting researcher at the Stanford Center for Latin American Studies and Yale Law School. Prof. Alegre was a fellow working with Carlos Nino at the Council for the Consolidation of Democracy and the Center for Institutional Studies, and was counsel for former President Raúl Alfonsín. He is a member of the Latin American Seminar on Constitutional Theory (SELA), which meets every year, an initiative of Yale Law School, UBA and other universities. He is interested in legal theory, moral and political philosophy, human rights law, constitutional law and legal education. He has published in Argentina and abroad on those subjects and on the issues of equality, social rights, global justice, civil disobedience, conscientious objection (topic on which he testified as an expert before the Senate), abortion, the flaws of presidentialism and transitional justice. He is currently researching on the issue of religion and democracy. He is member of the Ethics Committee of the Science Department at the University of Buenos Aires and of the Ethics Committee of the National Council for Scientific and Technologic Research (CONICET). His recent work includes the essay “What Justice Demands Today” published in T. Pogge (Ed.) Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right, (Oxford University Press, 2007), the co-directed book (with Roberto Gargarella) El Derecho a la Igualdad (Lexis Nexis, 2007, second edition expanded 2012), the book Homenaje a Carlos Nino (UBA, 2008), and the book Igualdad, Derecho y Política, Fontamara, México, 2010. He is working on a casebook of Latin American constitutional cases for English speaking students.

Marcelo Alegre is a board member of the Sociedad Argentina de Análisis Filosófico (SADAF), co-founder of Igualitaria (a progressive center for the study of democracy and constitutionalism), served on the board of the philosophical journals Análisis, Revista Latinoamericana de Filosofía Política, and is a founding member of the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) and of Sui Iuris, the Iberoamerican Association of Law Schools.


Juan Nascimbene

On-Site Program Assistant

Juan Nascimbene is an Argentine lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires. He teaches criminal and international law at University of Buenos Aires and is currently doing a master's degree in economics in the University Toruato di Tella. He studied for one semester abroad in NYU School of Law in Fall 2013.