The summer following graduation is often spent studying for the bar exam and not working. Bar study loans are private education loans for which third-year and LLM students may be eligible. The terms are similar to the corresponding private loan programs. Here are a few more specifics about bar loans:

  • Borrow up to $15,000.00, depending on the lender
  • Must remain within the aggregate limits set by private lenders
  • Must be creditworthy to be eligible
  • Disbursements are made based on a review of the Bar Study Loan Certification Request form
  • Disbursements are sent directly to the borrower - Please be sure that your lender has the correct address information for all disbursement periods
  • Some lenders require that you have an exisiting relationship with them

You must also submit the Bar Study Loan Certification Request form to the Office of Student Financial Services once your loan has been approved by your lender.