Any outstanding amount on a student account not covered by anticipated loan funds should be paid by one of the methods listed on the Bursar website. For example, students with a US checking account can make an online electronic check payment.

Students with a non-US checking account can make a tuition payment by wire transfer. Please contact the NYU Office of the Bursar Student Accounts department at (212) 998-2806 or via e-mail for information about how to make a wire transfer. Please note there are fees associated with making wire transfers. You must include the amount of such fees in your transfer or else the amount received by NYU will be less than you intend.

Payment plan information is also available from the Bursar's Office. Students who have not paid tuition, or arranged a satisfactory payment plan, will not be allowed to continue enrollment at the School of Law.

  • Full tuition payment or participation in a university payment plan is necessary to complete course registration and to be considered a student of the University with all privileges (i.e., the main University library, Coles Athletic Center)
  • The University provides credit to students whose federal loans have been certified; these credits will appear on students' bills
  • Private loans, because they are credit based, do not appear on bills. Students who have applied on time will usually have their private loan proceeds credited to their accounts at the beginning of the semester
  • NYU School of Law grants, Federal Stafford Loans, and private loans are each divided in half each year, with half being credited to each semester of tuition and housing for that year
  • If the semester credit for scholarship and loans exceeds tuition and housing costs, and all funds have arrived at the University, the Bursar will automatically mail a refund check to the student's local address on file with the University
  • If credit from scholarships and loans do not meet the full charges, the balance must be paid by the student
  • If loans are delayed or not received due to credit problems, alternate arrangements must be made