In Class. In Court. Involved.

NYU Law’s reputation for academic excellence is grounded in the scholarship of our faculty, which routinely draws accolades from the legal academy and beyond.

Our professors are also leaders in a wide range of disciplines, actively engaged as theorists, practitioners, policymakers, and commentators. We pride ourselves on the fact that our scholars live in the real world, not in an ivory tower. They pursue matters that are before courts and regulatory agencies, testify before lawmakers, serve on commissions, and advise government entities, NGOs, and other organizations. Students reap the benefits, as faculty members draw on their research and real-world experience in the classroom.

Go to our faculty profiles to find out more, and follow some of our faculty on Twitter, where they comment on everything from law and policy to sports and pop culture.


Faculty Scholarship

Our faculty publish a wide array of articles and books each year. Click to see a list of faculty publications.

Social Media

Go to our YouTube channel for lectures, panels, and events. And follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook, too. 

Centers & Institutes

At our over 30 centers, faculty research a range of topics, from Law and Economics to Human Rights and Global Justice. 

Upcoming Faculty Workshops

  • 7/28: Cass Sunstein (guest)
  • 7/30: Scott Hemphill
  • 8/6: Florencia Marotta-Wurgler '01

The faculty workshops are held Thursdays in Snow Dining Room. Lunch is served at 12:00 p.m., with workshops beginning at 12:30 p.m.

Spring 2015 Colloquia

NYU Law has ten colloquia, rigorous meta-seminars convened by faculty in their areas of specialty. Here are the ones being offered this Spring:

Colloquium on Culture and the Law
Professor Oscar Chase

Colloquium on Legal and Constitutional History
Professors William Nelson and John Phillip Reid

Innovation Policy Colloquium
Professors Jeanne Fromer and Christopher Jon Sprigman

Institute for International Law and Justice Colloquium
Professor Benedict Kingsbury and Adjunct Professor Harlan Cohen

Law and Economics Colloquium: Business Law & Economics
Professors Jennifer Arlen '86 and Emiliano Catan LLM '10

Tax Policy and Public Finance Colloquium
Professor Daniel Shaviro and Adjunct Professor Alan Viard