We invite you to contact the Program if you wish to join it, contribute to its mission, inquire about one of its events or projects, or bring to its attention a case or public policy issue.

Become a Member

To become a member of the Center, please email us at millerj@exchange.law.nyu.edu. You will be entered into the Program’s database to automatically receive invitations to events and updates on recent activities and publications.


The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement welcomes tax-deductible donations to further its policy missions of promoting effective policies concerning corporate compliance and enforcement, as well as its mission of enhancing the opportunities and training available to NYU students and alumni interested in these areas. To contribute, please follow this link or go to law.nyu.edu/giving. When you reach the second page of the process, enter the amount of your contribution in the “other designations” box and in the text field below, enter “Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement.” Or email us directly at millerj@exchange.law.nyu.edu.


To contact the Program, please email us at millerj@exchange.law.nyu.edu or email either of the Program’s directors directly.