Dwight D. Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration

Opperman Institute Summer Fellows

Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration Summer Fellows have finished their first year at NYU School of Law. The fellowship is a full-time position from late May through early August and is supervised by Professors Oscar Chase, Samuel Estreicher and Troy McKenzie and Opperman Institute Executive Director Torrey Whitman. It integrates an intensive note-writing experience and research responsibilities with exposure to judges and academics. Notably, the fellows assist in preparing and attending the annual week-long program for new appellate judges. Program faculty includes distinguished state and federal judges from all over the country.

The fellowship provides a stipend. Recent Opperman Institute Summer Fellows have clerked for judges on the Supreme Court of the United States, State Supreme Courts, U.S. Courts of Appeals, and U.S. District Courts.

Past IJA Summer Fellows:

Sarah R. Cebik     
Jeffrey M. Hirsch     
Daniel J. Krause     
Daniel H. R. Laguardia

Melanie Hochberg Giger     
Benet J. O'Reilly     
Anjli Garg Pero     
Kieran P. Ringgenberg     
Douglas T. Tsoi      

Christopher J. Garofalo     
Lauryn Powers Gouldin     
Ilizabeth Gonchar Hempstead     
Derek Ludwin      

Abigail Phillips Caplovitz     
Margaret Hayes Lemos     
Joel Lance Thollander     
David Albert Yocis      
Brian Hochleutner     
William McGeveran     
Parvin D. Moyne     
Shirley S. Park      

Yohance Claude Edwards     
Jessica Kayle Fried     
Jennifer G. Presto     
Robert Alexander Schwartz

Matthew B. Larsen
Ajay Salhotra
Kimberly C. Spiering

Kristina Daugirdas
Elliot Greenfield
Jonathan K. Regenstein
Lindsay M. Traylor

Jason W.H. Burge
Ari D. MacKinnon
Lee M. Pollack
Teddy Rave

Kara J. Ervin
David A. Herman
Joshua M. Kaplan
Kimberly Steefel

Tracy Jade Chin
Allegra Glashausser
Brian Johnston
Michael Petrocelli

Amanda M. F. Bakale
Miriam Gedwiser

Kristina Agassi
Shawn Clark
Christopher C. McGuire
Milton E. Otto

Andrew Scott Jacobs
Hugh K. Murtagh
Chelsea W. Rosenthal
Matthew R. Shahabian

Rita C. Celebrezze
Lisa Connolly
Brian J. Levy

Seth D. Allen
Stephen Elkind
Sarah L. Martin
Thomas H. Sosnowski

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