Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Materials

See below for CLE matierials and upcoming dates in Fall 2015 of events offering CLE credit. Please click here for a full calendar of events at the Law School offering CLE credit.

The Civil Jury Project Inaugural Conference (CLE)
Friday, September 11, 2015 | 8:45 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Greenberg Lounge, 40 Washington Square South
Panel 1: 
Empirical Analysis of Juries in Tort Cases by Shari Seidman Diamond and Jessica M. Salerno

Panel 3:
In RE: Nexium (Esomeprazole) Antitrust Litigation

Simplified Pleading, Meaningful Days in Court, and Trials on the Merits: Reflections on the Deformation of Federal Procedure by Arthur R. Miller

The Uncivil Jury, Part 1: Americans’ Misplaced Sentiment About the Civil Jury by Renee Lettow Lerner

The Uncivil Jury, Part 2: The Unromantic Origins of the Jury and the Continuous Need for an Alternative by Renee Lettow Lerner

The Uncivil Jury, Part 3: The Perils of Jury Trial, Efforts to Control Juries, and the Deceptive Allure of Nullification by Renee Lettow Lerner

The Uncivil Jury, Part 4: The Collapse of the Civil Jury by Renee Lettow Lerner

The Uncivil Jury, Part 5: What to Do Now — Repeal and Redesign by Renee Lettow Lerner

Panel 4:
But Have We Made Any Progress? An Update on the Status of Jury Improvement Efforts in State and Federal Courts by Paula Hannaford-Agor

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David R. Tillinghast Lecture on Internatioal Taxation | October 13, 2015
James Madison Lecture | October 22, 2015
20th annual Derrick Bell Lecture on Race in American Society | November 5, 2015