The following is intended as a guide for JD/MBA students in planning their four year program. It is eminently possible to complete the requirements of both degrees in four years without the necessity of “credit overload” or “pre-requisite bypass” by planning your program early (no later than Fall of the second year) and seeking appropriate advice throughout the process. Students should note that it is difficult to achieve the full flexibility and richness of either the separate JD or MBA curriculum in this JD/MBA format. However, with proper planning, a complete law and business experience, curricular and extra-curricular, can be achieved. Advisors and administrators will endeavor to assist you to optimize the curricular experience within the parameters set forth below.

Overall Credit Structure
When pursued separately the JD and MBA degrees require 83 credits and 60 credits respectively. A properly structured JD/MBAprogram can be completed with a total of 122 credits which, spread over eight semesters, requires 15 or 16 credits per semester. The 122 credits will comprise 71 appropriate Law school credits and 51 Stern credits. Degree requirements are satisfied by allowing 12 Stern credits to help satisfy the JD degree requirement (71 plus 12 equals 83) and 9 appropriate Law credits to be added to 51 credits at Stern to satisfy the MBA requirements. These credit allocations are tight so students must be careful in selecting appropriate courses and sequences.

Recommended Four Year Sequence
It is highly recommended that JD/MBA students spend their first two years at the Law school, taking Law courses. This will enable 1L and first semester 2L students to apply for the program, will optimize students’ extra-curricular opportunities, and is more consistent with the pattern of summer employment opportunities available (see below for a brief description of summer employment issues).

We recommend that students do not begin taking Stern courses until they have officially begun the MBA program. In instances where a student has taken business courses prior to matriculation, there is a formal appeal process to request the allowance of a maximum of one course to count toward the MBA. Students should consult the JD/MBA advisors for appropriate courses and information regarding prerequisites. Also, please note that students are advised against taking LAW-LW.11461, Corporate Finance, at the Law School in their 2L year, as this course is very similar to the Finance sequence they will take at Stern.

The third year of the JD/MBA will be spent at Stern in the normal MBA1 core curriculum. Just as with conventional MBA students there are possibilities of waiving certain MBA core requirements depending on prior background and/or proficiency exam results. Students should consult Stern advisors in the usual way on this topic.

The fourth year of the program will be spent taking a mix of Law and Stern courses to satisfy the overall degree requirements set forth above while allowing students flexibility in pursuing advanced law and business courses. Normally students will register at Stern in the Fall semester paying Stern tuition and at the Law school in the Spring paying law school tuition. When a student is registered at Stern they must be registered for a majority of Stern credits (e.g. B number classes). When a student is registered at the Law School they must be registered for a majority of Law credits (e.g. L number classes).

Cross Listed Courses
Certain courses, e.g. Law and Business of Investment Banking, are cross-listed, i.e. carry both official LW and GB numbers. Students planning to take a cross-listed course must register for the course under the course number (LW or GB) corresponding to their school of residence for that semester. Further, students will be given credit for these courses toward the degree implied by the course number under which they register.

Professional Responsibility Requirement
The professional responsibility requirement for the MBA degree may be satisfied with a Profesional Responsibility course taken at the Law School.

Sample Summer Employment
Here's one recommended sequence of summer internships for JD/MBA candidates:

1L summer: specialized business/law internship facilitated by JD/MBA faculty advisors and Law school OCS

2L summer: law firm or other “conventional” 2L internship through OCS

MBA1 summer: financial institution or other business internship using the Stern OCD

This sequence should optimize JD/MBA candidates’ opportunities for obtaining summer employment and provide a basis for pursuit of a wide variety of permanent employment positions.

For further information see:
Stern's Office of Career Development
Office of Career Services

This is a general guide for incoming JD/MBA students and those considering entering the program during their first year at NYU Law School. Students are urged, however, to consult with appropriate faculty and administrative advisors for further specifics.

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