Advanced Tax Procedure (11/29/2012)
Prof. Brookes Billman

Advanced Topics in Information Privacy Law Seminar (1/17/2013)
Prof. Ira Rubinstein         

Anatomy of a Securities Offering (12/11/2012)
Prof. Matthew Mallow

Bankruptcy (5/31/2012
Prof. Troy McKenzie

Consumer Banking (8/23/2012)
Prof. Chris Lipsett

Corporate Tax I (Section 2) (12/4/2012)
Prof. Erin Scharff

Corporations (8/3/2012)
Prof. John Slain

Prof. Baldenius
This Stern Preferential course was canceled as of January 30, 2013.

Human Trafficking Seminar: Writing Credit (7/30/2012)
Prof. Anne Milgram

International Litigation & Arbitration (LL.M. Students) (2/25/2013)
Prof. Silberman
All students are now registered in Section 1 of this course.

Law & Society: Human Rights, Justice, and State Building in Transitional Societies Seminar (6/28/2012)
Prof. Jo Dixon

Negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions (6/1/2012)
Prof. Chris Harrison
This class will be offered in fall 2012. 

Positive Political Theory (6/19/2012)
Prof. John Ferejohn

Professional Responsiblity in the Public Interest Seminar (6/1/2012)
Prof. Paula Galowitz

Research Seminar for Future Academics (7/6/2012)
Prof. Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

Research Seminar for Future Academics: Writing Credit (7/10/2012)
Prof. Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

SOCIAL VENTURE CAPITAL (Stern Preferential Course) (12/14/2012)
Prof. Kerwin Tesdell

Survey of Securities Regulation (7/3/2012)
Prof. James Carlson

Tax Policy Seminar (Section 3) (6/25/2012)
Prof. Mitchell Engler