Advanced Topics in Antitrust Seminar (6/7/2011)
Prof. Harry First

Antitrust and Regulatory Alternatives II (6/7/2011)
Prof. Harry First

Banking Law and Regulation (6/15/2011)
Prof. Sarah Woo

Evidence (Section 2) (6/5/2012)
Profs. Burt Neuborne and Kenneth Warner

Foreign Policy and the Constitution in the Early Republic Seminar (1/24/2012)
Prof. David Golove

Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge – The Politics of Law, Knowledge and Culture Seminar and Writing Credit (11/16/2011)
Prof. Jane Anderson

Law, Organizing and Social Change Clinic (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns, Deborah Axt and Andrew Friedman

Law, Organizing and Social Change Clinic Seminar (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns and Andrew Friedman

Legislation and Political Theory Seminar (6/7/2011) 
Prof. John Ferejohn

LOSC Seminar: Civil Litigation (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns and Deborah Axt

Multistate Taxation in the New Millennium II (Section 1) (1/18/2012)
Prof. Richard Pomp

Tax Policy Seminar (Section 1) (6/22/2011)
Prof. TBA

Tax Policy Seminar (Section 3) (6/22/2011)
Prof. TBA

Topics in U.S. and Global Business Regulation Seminar (6/15/2011)
Prof. Sarah Woo

Treaties and Responsibility: Selected Topics in the Current Work of the United Nations International Law Commission (12/1/2011)
Prof. Arnold Pronto