Spring 2011 Canceled Courses

Climate Change Policy Seminar and Writing Credit (12/23/2010)
Prof. Nathaniel Keohane

Comparative Law of Torts Seminar and Writing Credit (1/28/2011)
Prof. Franco Ferrari

Corporate Law Policy Analysis Seminar (6/25/2010)
Prof. William Allen

Corporate Tax I (1/14/2011)
Prof. Leo Schmolka

Current Issues in Immigrants' Rights Seminar (1/10/2011)
Prof. Judy Rabinovitz

Developing Speaking Skills Through Legal English (Section 1) (1/21/2011)
Prof. Karen Ross

Housing and Community Development Policy Seminar (4/23/2010)
Prof. Mark Willis

Income Taxation (Section 2) (5/28/2010)
Prof. Lily Batchelder

International Estate Planning (11/3/2010)
Profs. Carlyn McCaffrey and Henry Christensen

International Insolvency Seminar and Writing Credit (1/12/2011)
Prof. Sarah Woo

International Labor Law Seminar and Writing Credit (1/12/2011)
Prof. Cynthia Estlund

International Law and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Seminar and Writing Credit (12/2/2010)
Prof. Samuel Estreicher

Law and Modern Society Seminar (5/4/2010)
Prof. David Garland

Law of the Welfare State (1/20/2011)
Prof. Jon Dubin

Lawyering Pedagogy Seminar (6/14/2010)
Prof. Andrew Williams

Negotiating Complex Deals in Corporate Restructuring (1/18/2011)
Profs. Tom Snyder and Marc Kieselstein

Professional Responsibility in Criminal Practice Seminar for 3Ls Only (6/23/2010)
Prof. James Orenstein

Selected Issues in Immigration Law and Policy Seminar (5/10/2010)
Prof. Peter Schuck

Sexuality and the Law Seminar (12/2/2010)
Prof. Paula Ettlebrick

Structure and Finance of Corporate Transactions (5/11/2010)
Prof. Lewis Steinberg

Tax and Social Policy Seminar (5/28/2010)
Prof. Lily Batchelder

Tax and Social Policy Seminar Writing Credit (5/28/2010)
Prof. Lily Batchelder