Bill of Rights Classes for Transfer Students (revised 8/15/2014)
Students who transferred with 3 or fewer credits of Constitutional Law must complete a Bill of Rights class in order to satisfy the NYU School of Law Constitutional Law Requirement. Below find the list Bill of Rights classes. (Please review the course descriptions for any restrictions on the same and ABRA to determine whether the class is open.)

Fall 2014
LAW-LW.10122.001 - Art  Law - Prof. Amy Adler
LAW-LW.11323.001 - Child, Parent and State - Prof. Martin Guggenheim
LAW-LW.10395.001 - Criminal Procedure: Fourth and Fifth Amendments - Prof. Andrew Weissman
LAW-LW.10104.001 - Criminal Procedure: The Adjudicatory Part - from First Appearance to Post Conviction - Prof. James Jacobs
LAW-LW.11500.001 - Eighth Amendment Law and Litigation - Prof. Bryan Stevenson
LAW-LW.12416.001 - First Amendment Law - Prof. Michael McConnell
LAW-LW.12156.001 - Mass Media Law - Prof. David McCraw
LAW-LW.10529.001 - Sexuality and the Law Seminar - Prof. Matthew Coles

Spring 2015
LAW-LW.10395.001 - Criminal Procedure: Fourth and Fifth Amendments - Prof. Stephen Schulhofer
LAW-LW.10436.001 - Criminal Procedure Survey - Prof. S. Andrew Schaffer
LAW-LW.10668.001 - Free Speech - Prof. Amy Adler
LAW-LW.12402.001 - Free Speech, Ethical Transformation, and Social Change: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation Seminar - Prof. David A.J. Richards
LAW-LW.12271.001 - Sex Discrimination Law - Prof. Elizabeth Schneider
LAW-LW.10170.001 - The Law of Democracy - Prof. Samuel Issacharoff