Fall 2012 Canceled Classes

Anatomy of a Securities Offering (8/20/2012)
Prof. Matthew Mallow
This course will be offered in spring 2013.

Comparative Law: Property Rights in Development Seminar (6/1/2012)
Prof. Frank Upham
This course will be offered in spring 2013.

Law & Business Projects Seminar: Writing Credit (7/26/2012)
The writing credit is availalbe in spring 2013 for this year-long seminar.

LGBT Rights Clinic and Seminar (5/7/2012)
Prof. Victoria Neilson

Medical-Legal Advocacy Clinic and Seminar (5/25/2012)
Profs. Paula Galowitz and Debra Wolf

Mergers & Acquisitions (6/1/2012)
Prof. Chris Harrison
This course will be offered in spring 2013.

Research Seminar for Future Academics (7/6/2012)
Prof. Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

Research Seminar for Future Academics: Writing Credit (7/10/2012)
Prof. Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

U.S. Legal Methodology (Section 1) (5/8/2012) (7/25/2012)
Prof. Mary Holland

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