Fall 2011 Canceled Classes

Business Crime (6/15/2011)
Prof. Harry First

Civil Litigation (9/2/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns and Deborah Axt

Community Development Law Seminar (9/6/2011)
Prof. Kerwin Tesdell

Constitutional Decision Making Seminar (6/7/2011)
Prof. Geoffrey Stone

Environmental Law LL.M. Thesis Tutorial (6/10/2011)
Prof. TBA

First Amendment Rights of Expression and Association (6/7/2011)
Prof. Geoffrey Stone

Indicators and Global Governance by Information Seminar (6/8/2011)
Profs. Kevin Davis, Sally Merry and Benedict Kingsbury

International Financial Regulation (6/15/2011)
Prof. Sarah Woo

Law and Business Projects Seminar: Writing Credit (7/22/2011)
Profs. Gerald Rosenfeld and Helen Scott

Law, Organizing and Social Change Clinic (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns, Deborah Axt and Andrew Friedman

Law, Organizing and Social Change Clinic Seminar (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns and Andrew Friedman

LGBT Rights Clinic and Clinic Seminar (6/7/2011)
Prof. Victoria Neilson

LOSC Seminar: Civil Litigation (9/1/2011)
Profs. Sarah Burns and Deborah Axt

Regulation, Deregulation, Reregulation (6/9/2011)
Prof. Michael Levine

The International Monetary System (8/5/2011)
Prof. Andreas Lowenfeld

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