Professor Barry Friedman
Professor Maria Ponomarenko
Open to 2L and 3L students
Maximum of 12 students
Fall and Spring semesters
4-5 credits*
No prerequisites.

Course Description

In the United States, we govern policing one way, and all the rest of executive government another.  In the rest of executive government there are rules in place before officials act, formulated with public input, and made public so all can see.  Policing agencies, on the other hand, are authorized in the broadest of terms to enforce the law, and then make their own decisions about how to do so.  When things go wrong we try to fix them on the back end, with inspectors general, judicial review, civilian review boards, and—now—body cameras.

The chief mission of the Policing Project at NYU Law is to strengthen policing by applying the regular rules of democratic governance—by promoting greater engagement between police departments and their communities around matters of policy; drafting model policies on various aspects of policing; developing metrics that are better tailored to the goals of community policing; and engaging in cost-benefit analysis around policing practices. The Policing Project is pursuing these goals in various ways: we are working directly with police departments and communities on demonstration projects, researching and evaluating existing oversight models, engaging in public advocacy, convening conferences and roundtables with academics and law enforcement personnel, and engaging in some targeted litigation around policing issues.

Students in the Democratic Policing Externship will work closely with the Policing Project at NYU Law as well as its coalition partners on all these various endeavors. The Externship is offered in both Fall and Spring, and students may sign up for either or both semesters.

Application Procedure

The Policing Project is not part of the clinic matching system. To apply for this Externship, please go to this page. Applications will be due April 1, 2016.

Student Contacts

Current students in the externship are available to discuss their experiences:

Alicia Berenyi
Annie Carney
Caleb Seeley
Claire Glenn
David Cohen
Eric David Phillips
Erica Washington
Grace Leeper
John Cusick
Kaitlyn Gosewehr
Katrina Feldkamp
Lucy Larkins
Nonny Onyekweli
Traci Krasne

* 5 credits include 2-3 extern credits and 2 academic seminar credits.