Clinic Applications Overview

  1. Introduction
  2. Guidelines for Clinical Courses
  3. Important Dates for Clinic Applications


All of our clinical courses combine work in the field with seminars and simulation exercises in which students' performances of various lawyers' activities are videotaped for critical review. Through these complementary activities, students develop systematic methods of learning from experience, as well as gain insight into a lawyer's functioning as advocate and counselor, investigator, negotiator, and planner. Legal ethics and professional responsibility in the practice of law are emphasized throughout these courses.

Some clinics are year-long, while some are offered for a single semester. The registration process for clinics differs from that of other law school courses in that one must pass through the application process first. Students may not be registered in a clinic without first applying for and being accepted into it by the instructor. Applications for all clinicsno matter when they are offeredare accepted only once per year. Students may apply to a maximum of six clinics, in any combination of year-long and/or semester-long clinics. Students may apply for one or both semesters of a given one-semester clinic, but each semester counts separately toward the maximum. Students interested in the clinics outlined here should submit their application(s) online using the Clinic Application and Matching System (CAMS). *Please note: Admission to the clinics in Buenos Aires and Paris is administered by NYU Law Abroad. Please consult their website for application instructions and details.*

The deadline for JDs to submit applications to all clinics (except the newly-created Legislative and Regulatory Process Clinic) is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 3, 2015. For those clinics which accept applications from LLMs, the application period runs from July 1-15, 2015. Please consult the Graduate Affairs Clinics page for further details on LLM deadlines and application procedures.

Guidelines for Clinical Courses

The faculty has promulgated the following guidelines for clinical and advocacy courses, in part to comply with New York Court of Appeals rules concerning the admission of attorneys:

The clinical program strives to ensure that every student has an opportunity to take a clinic in their second or third year. The clinical program cannot ensure access to a particular clinic and so the clinical program's ability to place a student in a clinic will depend in part on the number of clinics to which the student applies. Students who wish to ensure that they have a clinical experience are well-advised to apply to at least three clinics to maximize their chances of getting into a clinic.

• Matriculated students will be given priority over non-matriculated students for all clinical and advocacy courses.

• No student may register for more than one clinic in a term.

• Most of the courses described here offer a combination of academic credits and clinical credits. For purposes of the 83-credit requirement for graduation, all of a clinic's academic credits qualify and can be counted towards the 83 credits; up to 12 clinical credits can be devoted to the 83 credits needed for graduation. (Students are permitted to take more than 12 clinical credits, but the excess number above 12 will not count towards the graduation requirement.) For purposes of the Law School's rule that no more than 20 "non-classroom credits" can be allocated towards the graduation requirement, a clinic's "academic credits" qualify as "classroom credits" while the clinical credits are treated as "non-classroom credits." The “Adjunct Faculty Credit Cap,” which limits the number of adjunct-course credits that may count toward students’ degree requirements, does not apply to clinics taught by adjunct faculty. Questions about these requirements can be sent to Vice Dean Randy Hertz, at

• Clinical courses will in most cases require substantial amounts of time outside of usual course hours and at varying times. Students with substantial commitments to journals, outside activities, work or other responsibilities should satisfy themselves through discussion with the respective teachers that they will definitely have sufficient time for a clinical or advocacy program.

Important Dates for Clinic Applications

Date Item
February 27, 2015 Clinic packet available
March 6 Clinic Fair held at Furman Hall, 3-5 p.m.
March 23April 3 Clinic Application Period.
Application materials should be submitted online using CAMS. All materials are due by 5 p.m. on April 3.
March 30 - April 23 Interviews conducted (for clinics that require them).
April 24 Preferences must be submitted on CAMS by 5 p.m.
May 6 Students notified by e-mail whether or not they have been accepted into a clinic.
May 21 Confirmation of students' intent to register must be received by 5 p.m.

The deadlines and application procedures for LLMs are different than those for JDs. Please consult the Graduate Affairs Clinics web page for details. The complete list of clinics available to LLMs in the 2015-16 academic year will be provided there.